"Invalid File Integrity, checksum is different" on only one device

I have two macs (a 2019 intel iMac and an M2 Macbook Air 15), and all my databases stay synced via CloudKit.

Today, I encountered an issue. During an integrity check on my iMac, I saw an “Invalid File Integrity, checksum is different” error message. This was surprising because all the databases on my Air were succesfully verified without an issue.

I restarted DT3 on both devices and made sure that all the databases are synced, and I once again performed an integrity check on both macs, but the same result.

Do you have any idea?

  • Are you indexing files?

  • Are you opening Excel documents from a DEVONthink database?

Are you indexing files?

I have some indexing files in one of my dababases, but mostly I imported files to my databases.
Three files has the checksum issue on my iMac. Two of them are imported files (Pages files), and one of them is an indexed file (markdown document).

Are you opening Excel documents from a DEVONthink database?


Open then, make a small change (like adding a space). Save and return to DEVONthink. Does the integrity check out now?

Where are the databases located - the file path on the Mac?