"Invalid FIle Integrity, checksum is different"

First of all, thank you for such a huge update!

And upon checking file integrity, I see the following log messages.

[database name] > [document name]|Invalid File Integrity, checksum is different.|

[database name]|Verified integrity of 1106 files successfully, checksum of 4 files different.|

So, could you explain what it means? And how can I fix it?

Have you read the appropriate section of the handbook (specifically page 137) and are your files (or specifically the four listed in the log) indexed?

I didn’t know that the handbook has also been updated. Thank you for pointing it out. And all my files are imported.

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The documentation is updated with every release, even if it’s merely the Release Notes (which it never is) :slight_smile:
Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.


Yes, I did. Thanks!