Invalid file integrity: Checksum is different

I recently deleted some indexed files, after which I thought they were still useful and added them again. However, even after updating the indexing, the integrity check still gives me errors for almost all the files in question (more than 90%), informing me that the checksum is invalid. The files are perfectly readable, but I cannot resolve these errors in any way. What is the cause in this case, what are the consequences and how can I remedy them?
The database check does not give any errors, just as the optimisation did not help. Thanks.

The cause is most likely that the files are indeed not identical. Maybe older copies? But this doesn’t have any consequences. Rebuilding the database should fix this.

Worked after the rebuild. I was a little worried before I did it, fearing I would mess it up, everything was fine instead. Thank you.

Creating a copy or archive of the database first is always a good idea to ensure that it’s impossible to screw things.

I always suggest making sure your backups are current (for this and in general) too.

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