'Invisible' RTF documents sync'd with DTTG

Some documents in my Devonthink databases on Mac (Devonthink ver 2.9) which have been created as RTF documents (usually using the ‘take note’ capability in the Sorter) are not editable nor is anything displayed when sync’d to DTTG.

The offending document appears to be correct in the left sidebar. Looking at the file info, the RTF is

  • correctly identified as Rich Text
  • has the correct byte count
  • correct tags
  • correct added, created and modified dates

This occurs on both the iPad and iPhone versions of DTTG.
There is no difference when the sync’d data base is established as ON DEMAND or ALWAYS (download).

If the offending file resides in an ON DEMAND database on the iOS device, DTTG offers me the opportunity to download it (from Dropbox sync store), but following the download there is a brief flash of some message from the app, and then … nothing. There is no display of the file contents, and the file is not ‘editable’ on DTTG (i.e., there is no ‘edit’ option in the upper command bar).

It does not occur for all RTF document.
In a single experiment, I have returned to the original document residing in the Mac database, and made a minor edit. After a sync, at least one of the offending files HAS become visible and editable on DTTG.

Any advice?

  • RHM

Please start a Support Ticket.