Invisible RTF files


Why can’t I see RTF files in my databases? They’re there, but invisible. I just uploaded one to a database, looked for it, but nuthin there. Then I did a search & found it, click on the Show In Finder & found it in a subfolder of RTF files.

How can I make that folder visible?

You should not mess about in the internal structure of a database. “Show In Finder” should be used very sparingly.

It is most likely at the root of your database and you are using Three Pane View. Switch to Split View, click the empty space under the Groups in Three Pane View, or select the search result and press Command-R to reveal it in the database.

Thanks, but your recommendation’s only for RTFs I know about. How about others that are hiding, that I’ve forgotten?

I’m not sure what you mean? The suggestion I gave you doesn’t only apply to RTF files. It applies for all files.

Yes, but it still only applies to hidden files I do not know about. Since I caught this one when I moved it to Devon I was able to find it. I’m wondering if there are other such files.

I’m not sure you two are talking about the same thing. Documents can be located at the root level of the database, as Jim mentioned, but DEVONthink does not make documents ‘hidden’ or ‘invisible’. Of you have documents that are indeed completely hidden, then there must be some damage to the database.

DEVONthink doesn’t “hide” documents. You didn’t mention which view of the database you are using. Ir’s likely that you are currently not at the root level of the database display and are viewing the contents of a group or the database Inbox. As the document(s) you are seeking are not at that location, naturally they are not visible.

Click on the “house” button near the left of the Toolbar to move to the root level of the database. You should then see the top-level groups that you have created, and any documents that are at the top (root) level of the database and that have not yet been filed to a group location. (I normally use the Three Panes view, which is selectable under the View menu.)

Or select the Name of a document and press Command-R (Reveal) to see it in its location in your database.

Or click on the Today smart group to display the names of documents that have been added today. Select one of them and press Command-R to display the document at the location to which it was added. (Assuming you are using a View such as Three Panes or Split View, which display the document content.)

This fixed it for me. Thanx.