invisible window

Something strange has started happening recently in DPO: on opening a database I do not see a window, though one is listed in the ‘window’ menu. If I close this “invisible” window and open a new window I cannot see it again. The only way to be able to see a window is to open two, whereby I can see the second and then close the first. The issue is not resolved by changing the ‘Startup’ options for windows in the Preferences Pane. Its not really a big deal, but thought I might share it none-the-less.

Which operating system, Tiger or Leopard?

Has been anything logged to the system console (see /Applications/Utilities/

perhaps the window is open on a second monitor, which is not active?

Don´t laugh, I use a second monitor …

Bill: Tiger

cgrunenberg: console shows following on DTPO startup

DEVONthink Pro[20985] User never wants to check for ScanSnap Manager support anymore.
DEVONthink Pro[20985] ExactScan application not found.

darwin: second monitor is active.

mmmmmm. having had the problem for over a month, its not happening this morning. Only new installation yesterday was latest omnifocus beta update. Will do some digging and let you know if it returns. But thanks to those above for taking the time to reply. :confused: