iOS 13 Beta vs. iPad OS 13 Beta

I would like to inform potential beta tester that the actuall DTTG is not running on iOS 13 Beta, but it’s working fine one the iPad OS 13 Beta.



Thanks for the heads-up!

Thanks for that.

Out of interest, have you tried deleting DTTG and reinstalling? I had to do that on an iPad Pro 11”, but not on an iPad Mini 4

It worked out of the box on my iPad pro 11 inch, but it took a while on initial start. For iPhone I also reinstalled DTTG, but with no effect.

Thanks for that - saved me some grief!

Works fine when upgrading from iOS 12.
A fresh installation crashes when I configure WebDav sync.

On your iPad or your iPhone? On my iPhone X ist crashes while opening - also on the iPhone X from my Wife with iOS 13 Beta 1

I am unable to sync my data through iCloud on iPad OS Public Beta 1. I have everything checked correctly with a fresh download on a new iPad Pro 11’. I am not sure how to get a sync moving along.

Thank you ahead time for your response

You should not be running a beta operating system on a device you need running properly.

There are multiple issue with iCloud in the current betas for iPad OS 13 and IOS 13 and Mac OS 10.15. You can wait for the next beta and hope they’re fixed, or revert to a released version.

DTTG is working fine on y iPhone XS with and iPad Pro on iOS 13 beta. I didn’t need to reinstall, just works fine.