iOS 13 tip - Capture whole page as pdf [may truncate]

I was looking at the tips app and found this gem. I think this is how I’m going to start capturing webpages into DTTG. It works in regular and reader mode.


Sorry, but it does not work.

I works up to a certain length and after that, Apple decided to simply cut of the rest of the content.

You cannot image how embarrassed i was after noticing that numerous such files were cut of, unknown to me

With iOS 13? Would be useful to know if it similarly misbehaves on iOS 14, if anyone can test with that …

I can give it a try with iPadOS 14… Give me a link to a page that you find gets cutoff.

Yes, i am at iPadOS 13

This get cut of right before the end of the HTML page, when trying a full screenshot as PDF:

Unfortunately, iPadOS 14 Dev GM (out today) cuts off the same place you are seeing…

I use Safari/Share/Print/Zoom Preview/Share/DEVONthink. I do not see cutoffs and it generates PDF+Text for DEVONthink. However, with that Macstories page it is not working, it looks like Print is not picking up a stylesheet.

I see the full page in the PDF on iOS 13, hmm.

Please prove :wink:

This page get cuts off just a couple of lines.

And now it is truncated with iOS 14, ugh.

I’m the OP. Is there a way to edit the title of the post to say that this no longer works? Thanks.

I can edit the title for you if you feel that is required; it’s your post, so I’d ask that you let me know what you would like the title changed to.

Having just played with the tip you have posted, I find it works with reasonably short pages, but does truncate longer pages after a number of screen heights (very approximately 6 or so; I’m not sure it’s always the same length). As such, the tip may well still be useful (I wasn’t aware of the functionality at all), but those using this method should be aware of truncation. Should we add “[may truncate]” to the title?

The addition makes sense. It’s still a useful tip but I wish it would work with all pages. Thanks!