IOS 14: How can I save a PDF file in DTTG?


I installed iOS 14 last night and find that I seem to no longer be able to save PDF files to DTTG.
Where there used to be two options in the share sheet (clip to DTTG; save as pdf to DTTG) there is now only the former, and all I can do is save a bookmark.

While this will download the PDF upon opening it, it is not possible to mark up the file, so this is clearly inferior to saving the PDF to DTTG.

Did I miss something? Will this be fixed in an update? (I know that the release of iOS 14 was sprung on the developers…)

Many thanks for any help!


Same here, only the clip-to-DTTG is shown in share Menu (iOS and iPadOS 14)

I’ve been using the iOS 14 beta for some time now, and it does away with the need for multiple options in the share sheet. When you share to DEVONthink from Safari now, you have multiple options depending on what is displayed in Safari. Click on the arrow in Clip to DEVONthink to see the options.

Images are of the clip option chooser, a PDF, and a regular web page.

Hmm :thinking: Are you using DTTG beta, too? It is different here.

I get two options “Save bookmark” and “save image”. The latter saves in fact as PDF. iOS 14, the latest official DTTG

:man_facepalming: thanks.

I was able to “Save to Files” via the share sheet and then saved the file to the DTTG > Inbox folder.

This replicated the previous experience of “copy to DevonThink,” placing the file in the Global Inbox.

Thanks, too

A first test confirms that behaviour here, too. What also works is selecting print from the share sheet, then pinching outwards on the print preview, then selecting DEVONthink from the share sheet on the resulting PDF; that offers the option of clipping the PDF directly to DT.


The next major version of DEVONthink To Go should fix that behavior.

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Many thanks for all the responses - I now get it to work, too!
And looking forward to the change in behaviour announced by @eboehnisch - with the only question remaining: when will the “next major” version of DTTG approximately appear?

Have we ever answered this question? :wink:


I take it from your question that the answer is probably “no”. Still I can try… :innocent:

Related to this thread… I used to be able to share a PDF out of DTTG to my favorite PDF-annotation app. This creates a PDF in the PDF-annotation app with a parenthetical suffix in its filename. After annotating, the PDF is returned to DTTG via share sheet in a way that it updates the original PDF in the DT database (without creating a new entry).

I can’t seem to get this workflow in iPadOS 14. If I remember, there used to be 2 ways to share to DTTG. Now, I only see one (labelled “DevonThink”) option in the share sheet.

Is this functionality gone?

EDIT: after I asked, I tried something, and it just worked. When exporting back to DTTG, long-touch the DevonThink icon in the share sheet. This reveals two options. Choose “Open in” and that sends the annotated PDF to DTTG by updating the original PDF, as intended.

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I just wanted to mention exactly this: Apple decided to hide these options under a long-press. Did we talk about iOS and “discoverability”? :thinking:


Thanks for that - I’m amazed that I didn’t think to try long press :see_no_evil:

Why should one even try it? It never did anything on a long press here before.

Only because it has never felt natural to me, and I’ve taken a while to discover (more and rather more often less) useful features hidden behind that wall before. I’d kind of expected to actually just learn to try and see what happens :see_no_evil: but not yet, it seems.