IOS 15 beta and DTTG

DTTG 3 does not seem to open under IOS 15, yes I know it’s beta, any idea how long for an update ( before I roll back to 14)?

I can open 3.2 on IOS 15 via Test Flight, but not directly using the normal icon. Once open 3.2 runs as expected

DTTG 3.2 (17105) and IOS 15 (both betas) seem to be completely compatible - just in case there are other adventurous folk who live on the beta edge!

Could you check this please:

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I’ve been using DTTG under the iOS beta since PB1 with no issues, outside of one anomolous sync issue. YMMV, as always

Could you perhaps take a look at the question Jim asked?; Pete linked to it in the post above yours. Cheers :slight_smile:

I dont have much experience with Shortcuts, but i will see if i can run some kind of test.

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I updated the linked post to include a sample Shortcut. Thanks!