iOS 15 Beta and Shortcuts

While we don’t advocate running a beta operating system on devices you need running smoothly and effectively, I’m sure we’ve got some people doing so.

Does anyone know if the bug of running URL schemes in a Shortcut run from the Share menu has been fixed?

For example…

Here’s a link to an example Shortcut…

After installing it in Shortcuts, select an item in DEVONthink To Go, open the Share menu, and try to run the shortcut.
Does it report the name of the selected file?

In iOS 15 PB 4, I downloaded a jpg and a 4k text doc in DTTG and then ran the script from the Share menu. In both cases, the system flipped over to the Shortcuts App, messaged that (filename) was selected with Cancel/Ok, then showed a message with a black checkmark icon, that then cleared itself.

From there it just seemed to run. At a guess I’d say its working but the Shortcut doesn’t have a proper termination since its just a test build. Let me know if I can do anything else to test it for you.

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  • And was the shortcut run from the Share menu in DEVONthink To Go?
    • If so, that sounds like the bug is fixed (and will hopefully remain so for the public release).

Thanks so much for testing this. :slight_smile:

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heh yes; I just amended my initial post to indicate such. It’s the small details, as always.

Indeed, “the devil is in the details” as we say in the US. :slight_smile:

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A bit late but I should note one issue with DTTG and the beta- in iOS 15 PB 4, icloud access to DTTG didnt work- any file transfer or folder correction was met with ‘no space available errors.’ No other app seemed to have this issue with icloud access. PB 5 released on 8/11/21 appears to have corrected this issue.

My apologies for not laying this out before- i was a bit distracted. Usually iCloud access is a key part of my overall document flow process. Also to all others reading this, testing betas is a fell process and I do not recommend doing it, especially when critical data is involved

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Actually, i spoke to soon; i can create folders in the iCloud directly of DDTG3 of my iPad, but cant move files over

Other apps also DO have the same issue, most notably Google Drive. Some give an error of Cant communicate with Helper App instead of the no space error.

It’s beta, so nothing to fix; hope this may be of help tho