iOS clipper never picks up the URL from safari page?

Hi there,

I was hoping to use the iOS “Clip to DEVONthink” from the share page to save selections of webpages loaded in safari to DEVONthink To Go. However, it never picks up the URL even though the field is there in the clipper. Can I get the URL field to automatically fill in?



Just answered my own question while playing around some more. If you select a bunch of text on a website in safari, it brings up a menu that includes “share”, however if you avoid this and while leaving that text selected use the share button for the page then it will pass both the URL and just the selected text through to DEVONthink.


I am quite sure this is a ios standard for handling these two different types to sharing

Ahhh good to know. I hadn’t come across this distinction before but I can now see why Apple would choose to do it this way. Thanks.

Can’t believe I hadn’t realised this either. Guess my only defence is that I’ve been mostly using Dt on a Mac, but been moving more and more to the iOS. Anyway, thanks about this discovery/clarification.