iOS DTTG does not use correct pdf document name

when sending pdf from Mail to DTTG the document name is not taken into account and only uses “Unbenannt” (unnamed).
Sometime it is working though. I have not yet figured out why.

Is there a workaround/fix for this?

DTTG v3.8.1(17428)

  • How are you “sending the PDF”?
  • Is it contained in a ZIP in the email?

Thank you for the fast reply :slight_smile:

I’m using the favorit action:

These are normal pdf attached to an email, like invoices. This happens also sometimes for bank statements from the banking apps, not only from the Mail app.

I made a screenrecord but am not allowed to share a link as a new user.

I’m not sure if it is an iOS or DTTG issue.
I’m on iOS 17.2.1 on an iPhone 11.
I can not always reproduce the issue. Sometimes it is working “normal”

I have overseen the update to iOS 17.4.1
I updated my phone but have still the same issue.

It seems that when opening the “send to DTTG” a second time, the name is used correctly. The first time it is still sometimes “unnamed”

You’re welcome.

Please open at support ticket and send the screencast. Thanks!