iOS DTTG & Wall Street Journal app

I want to save WSJ articles into DTTG. I’m logged into my WSJ app. I use the iOS option to copy an article. Unfortunately, I don’t get the entire article. The WSJ app doesn’t recognize that I’m already logged in to the app. Don’t know whose issue this is.

Is the article only truncated in DEVONthink To Go or also in other apps, e.g. after pasting it to an email?

WSJ does things on their web site to get in the way. Been that way for a long time. What I do is (when available, and it isn’t always) click on their “print” link and then on the bottom left of the “print” dialog with the “PDF” button, I select “save PDF to DEVONthink”. Or sometimes, I put the article in Reading Mode in Safari, and then do same to “print” the PDF to DEVONthink. Which I pick depends on if I want all the fluff pictures or not. Seems to work very reliably for me.

Edit: Just noticed you using DEVONthink ToGo. I found nothing works for on WSJ web pages using Safari or the WSJ app on my iPhone, frankly. I never try any more. Yes, related, I think, to how IOS remembers the login across apps.

This is my work-around for WSJ articles on iOS:

  1. Firstly, don’t use the WSJ app. Use Safari instead;

  2. When you have an article that you want to clip select Safari’s share button;

  3. Scroll down the share sheet and select “Print”;

  4. The print dialog box appears with a preview of the pages to be printed, now here’s the trick: using 2 fingers on the preview, do a “zoom in” motion like you want to zoom in to see the small text of the preview;

  5. This should take the print preview to a PDF preview. From here use the share button to save to DTTG.



Confirming, that works here for me too. That use of a standard IOS feature works for a lot of things as long as you can reach the print button. Formatting not great, but works well.

So far only the WSJ app. Could be others. I will try the print work-around discussed here.