iOS FIles weirdness...

A friend Airdropped a file to me (a Number’s file) that somehow found its way into Files. It’s possible I might have clicked on DT Go instead of Numbers as the app to receive it. As it turns out, it found its way into Devonthink Go. But, when I went to Files, it was only visible in recents.

I tried to copy it to my Number’s folder in iCloud, but the copy (for some reason) became a PDF. When I went into DT Go to locate it, it could only be seen via search. When I located the folder it was in (Global Inbox) it wasn’t there.

Lots of weirdness. I thought I’d mention it just so the developers can keep their eye on how DT Go works with Files. There’s clearly a bug or two in the system, and I’m not sure who’s to blame.

If you find you can reliably reproduce this, let us know how. Thanks!

Will do!