iOS Homescreen widgets

I’ve just started using the app and I’m its looking great. I’m enjoying diving in.

Are the devs planning on making iOS Home Screen widgets? As that could be a quick way to access frequently used files or most recently access files.

Thanks and keep up the great work


Welcome @Marliefrugal

Thanks for the kind words! They’re very appreciated!

There aren’t any current concrete plans but it’s on our list. Thanks for the suggestion.


DEVONthink is awesome! You offered a great question.

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I would like to support this idea.

If you look above at the iOS widget for Draft that is setting on my main screen right now, it is made for quick capture of text (or voice). I see no reason that this could not be done with DTTG instead. I know Draft already has automation that can send text directly to Devon (or Mail, or…) but it would be nice to get everything in DTTG while on the go…


What exactly is it that you’d like to see in a widget like this? Depending on the URL commands provided by DTTG, it might be possible to hack something using Scriptable.

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Very interesting idea - did not know about this app.
I would personally vote for having a widget which shows Unified Inbox, one (to be selected) database, and maybe one or two smart groups (like reading list and all audio)). Cheers.

No widget, but I’ve added a few IOS shortcuts to my home screen for quick access to notes.
These use the Safari open url feature. The url can be a link to a DT note, or DT tag
In the dock, I have the DT icon, plus a shortcut to quickly create a note

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This is a work around. I would love an actual, nice and clean solution like Drafts app!

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As I said in another reply, hacking does work but it is not a nice and clean solution like the one I showed from Drafts.

I guess in that case you just have to wait. But given the differences between DT and drafts, I doubt that any widget could satisfy the wildly divergent wishes of the DT user community.

I do not know if you used Drafts but the image of the Widget I showed is 100% customizable in term of each action it launch. Yours might have 8 very different actions…

I too would love to see an iOS widget to be able to quickly create a note to send to the inbox.

If you long press on the DevonThinktoGo app icon there’s a shortcut to make a new note. That note is in created in the inbox.

If you want more customization you can make a shortcut that could have default tags or be placed in a specific database or group.

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I use a custom shortcut
I’m ok with the Inbox, but I want a set format, and the note name prefixed with the date/time

Thanks for the tip. It’s useful ahead of something else with better functionality as per the follow-up form DTLow.