iOS items not sending to inbox suddenly from share action anywhere on iPhone

Hello. All of a sudden,when I hit the share action on my iPhone and try to sen something to my inbox in DTTG, it isn’t showing up in the inbox. It doesn’t matter what app I try to share from or what type of a file it is. I have never had this issue before.

I have tried cleaning and verifying my Dropbox sync locations. This didn’t work. My databases appear to be syncing fine with my MacBook Pro but the inbox is not working on iOS. The inbox works fine to share things with on my MacBook Pro.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

What version of iOS and DEVONthink To Go Are you running?

I figured it out. I have a new phone and didn’t realize I had DTTG 2 also installed on the phone still. I was trying to share to the old app and not the new one. All is working now. Thanks!

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Excellent and thanks for the follow-up!