iOS Sync Broken

Apologies in advance, but not finding a relevant thread. iCloud iOS sync is completely busted for me. Any recourse/tips? I’m about to bail completely on DevonThink as I need this. Competitors have no issues.

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What competitors?

as I need this


iCloud iOS sync is completely busted for me.

If you’re referring to CloudKit, it hasn’t been a reliable performer for many people and developers in the past year or so. There is nothing we can do about this, except improve the bits we can improve. That does not include controlling Apple’s servers or their CloudKit mechanism.

Competition from my perspective is Keep It from Reinvented Software.

Flawless icloud sync for over 5 years in my direct experience with that app.

For syncing to my iPad, I use two sync methods
Bonjour and iCloud (CloudKit)
No issues, but I could easily switch to another sync method; there’s other choices

That app is not doing the same things when syncing, so they can’t be directly compared.

I feel like every time DTTG’s slow/broken sync gets brought up, the apologists/devs rush to blame iCloud or claim DT is doing something no other app in the world is doing. I call bullshit. I’ve never—never—had an issue with any other app when it comes to CloudKit, regardless of how much data they’re throwing back and forth.

That said, comparing Keep It to DEVONthink is like comparing… I actually don’t even have an apt analogy. Sync aside, DEVONtechnologies software is and always has been rock solid across the board from me. Reinvented Software’s hunk of junk was nothing but buggy, crashy, and ultimately a get-what-you-pay-for kind of affair in my experience.

Would be useful to know what exactly is not working as expected of course and which version of DEVONthink To Go and iOS are used.

Did you try any other sync locations or still use iCloud? E.g. Dropbox or WebDAV?

Good for you. But only anecdotal evidence, like mine – and I did have countless issues with iCloud/CloudKit. Including Apple’s own app. It’s (for me) just unreliable. Perhaps, because I’m in Europe and iCloud/CloudKit work better on the other side of the big lake?

OTOH, DT sync works flawlessly for me with WebDAV. So, it’s rock solid, including sync.


I also had trouble with CloudKit (and am in Europe). I use Dropbox and is is solid (in as far as it syncs everything correctly), though I do find it frustrating as the sync can take time if you have forgotten to click the cloud. I understand the mechanism, but would love it if DTTG could find a way to sync in the background and remove the need to be click so often on the cloud symbol.

I can’t use Bonjour as my iPad and MacBook are rarely open at the same time and usually in different rooms (so walking back to open the MacBook is also annoying).

I do love that I can display most document types in both and use DT and DTTG extensively for my work. If only the sync could be automatic - unless there is away to use Bonjour when my MacBook is asleep?

The location and therefore the used data center are actually a variable that might indeed explain the inconsistent experiences. Maybe some servers are more busy or not all of them use the same software or versions.

At least in the past Apple also used Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud for iCloud, not sure what’s currently used and it’s of course completely controlled by iCloud what’s used when.

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That’s a limitation of iOS: It doesn’t allow apps to run in the background for an arbitrary time to prolong battery life. I doubt that DTTG could do anything to circumvent that. And I wouldn’t want it to because I don’t want apps to drain my battery behind my back.

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This means that you are lucky, not that CloudKit is reliable.


Can you provide a few example applications you’re referring to?