iOS sync issue?


I have a strange issue. I don’t know if this is normal behavior. I created a iCloud based database. On the iOS device I see a file (image) not showing up on the desktop version. Everything else syncs, except that file. I tried moving to another folder as well as renaming. What is the issue? Is this a setting?

Are any issues logged on iOS or the Mac (see Windows > Log)?

No issues…I recently cleared but nothing new…

Was this file created on iOS? Were any other recent changes already synchronized from iOS to the Mac?

It was created originally on the IOS device…

Are additional items created on iOS synchronized? Which iOS version do you use?

Any new items created syncs. Lates IOS and all apps updated to the latest versions both on IOS and MacOS.

Are you able to successfully verify the sync store (see contextual menu in Preferences > Sync on the Mac)?

How was the file created in DEVONthink To Go?
Via the New Document Assistant > Media ?
Via Share > Copy to DEVONthink?

What happens if you duplicate the file in DEVONthink To Go? Does it then appear in DEVONthink after syncing?

Deleted the file and be done with it.

Well, that’s definitely an approach… if the situation allows for it :slight_smile:

I had nearly identical issue a week or two ago, Didn’t get it clearly enough to create a proper bug report on it, but since somebody else has it, I could add some details.


  • iOS 13.1.2
  • Mac OS X 10.14.1
  • Latest DevonThink Pro Office 2 on desktop, latest DTG on iPhone
  • Syncing via WebDAV (running on Yandex disk)


  1. Scanned PDF on iOS using some external app (I think if was FineReader scanner)
  2. Sent it to DTG via “Share” extension
  3. It got to Inbox (I think it was a global one)
  4. Then I was trying to sync-refresh many times, moved it between a particular db inbox and global inbox several times. Other files were syncing, even ones I created right in DTG, but this one wasn’t
    4.1 I did check sync dates in WebDAV settings in DTG and made sure that sync dates were newer than files
    4.2 I think I had two PDFs like that, but one eventually got synced