iPad Fails To Find MacBook via wifi

Actually, the iPad isn’t even finding my MacBook now. Any ideas?

Did you reboot both machines and your router?

Yes. I have rebooted everything, and it won’t find MacBook. Very concerned.

Try creating a local network on the Mac. Click on the Network (WiFi) icon in the menu bar and choose “Create Network…”. Then in the iPad’s settings set it to access that WiFi network.

That put me off internet altogether

Bill’s just suggesting a test to see if your iPad can discover your MacBook using a different method.

But, your reply raises another question for you. Were your iPad and your MacBook both connected to the same local WiFi network to begin with? You cannot access your MacBook from your iPad unless they are on the same network.

I just tried that for my problems as well and it still doesn’t work. I have 2 devices trying to talk to my Mac, original iPad and iPhone. iPad is not on iOS 7 iPhone is. Creating a new network and changing settings on both devices to use it now has the sync option greyed out in DTTG so I can’t even try it. I have restarted all 3 computers and verified that my settings on the handhelds are correct to use the same wifi network as my Mac is on. If I go back to my original wifi network I see the synch choice but it’s not finding my mac from either device.

Have any of you tried to reset your network settings on the iOS device? (Settings App > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings)

I tried resetting everything and it didn’t help at all.

However I just heard from Support. There is a problem and sync won’t work with Mac OS 10.6.8. That is what I am running and I can’t upgrade my machine to anything newer.

Supposedly there will be a fix for it sometime next week. Mean time I guess we are stuck with no sync for an iOS devices!

Same problem with my iPhone 5. When I try to sync, the iPhone can’t find the Macbook Pro.
Macbook: OS X Lion 10.7.5 and DevonThink Pro 2.7
iPhone: iOS 7.0.2 and DevonThink To Go 1.3.0

Yes, same here and on 10.6.8, too. Some time next week would be good, if it can’t happen sooner. I have a 130,000-word book waiting . . .

The fix may be ready next week, but if it requires an update to DTTG, then it will still need to go through the review process.

It finds the MacBook now.
And then won’t show files and crashes every time.

I had this problem, apparently due to Bonjour not being found, until I rebooted my iPad. It now appears to by synchronising … but a lot of data is being sent.

I’ll let you know if I have problems.

(For the record, my configuration is:

mid-2009 MBP, Mavericks, Devonthink Pro Office (latest 2.7.2 update).
iPad 2 (first with retina), IOS 7 , DTTG 1.4.)