iPad weirdness


I’m attempting to move some documents from one folder to another in DTTG (v2.5.1) on my iPad. While in the document in question, I’ll click on the icon and select Move and within .5 seconds, the window closes, before I have the opportunity to do anything. Sometimes, I might be lucky enough to actually chose another folder before the window closes, but that’s extremely rare. It’s also doing this with the Help button as well. Perhaps it’s sensing some degree of motion, and closing. If so, is threre any way to disable the motion detection?

Also, the app is showing a 1 on the badge dock, and I have no idea why.


The badge on the icon refers to the number of unread items in the Global Inbox.

We can’t reliably reproduce this condition, but we have made changes for the next release that may address this.

I have experienced this same problem off and on over the past 4 months. When this gremlin appears, it affects all of the pop-up options screens, including the (1) move/replicate/duplicate screen and (2) the document info screen. I notice it mostly with the latter when I reading an article and go to update the tags. The screen will disappear before I get a chance to make my changes. This usually happens until I close and restart DTTG, and then it works again. My hunch is that it is tied to some background processing, but I haven’t been able to nail down a cause.

We’ve made some modifications to some of the processes, so hopefully this is taken care of in the next maintenance release.

I am still getting this issue consistently. Any news on a fix?

We don’t comment on timeframes but we have some changes in an internal build that may address this.