iPhone and iPad smart group numbers differ

Why do my iPhone and iPad show different numbers for smart groups? They both sync to the exact same databases?

For what smart groups? Please be specific and include any helpful screencaps. Thanks.

PDFs with text… see pic from iPhone and iPad

There’s already a thread on this (part German, part English). There, Eric suggests reindexing; in a first step he suggested entering x-devonthinktogo://reindex-metadata in the Safari address bar and pressing enter. When the OP reported that had not worked, the next step was x-devonthinktogo://reindex.

It’s frustrating that the fix is often reindex.

It’s what makes me like web based solutions.

I’m not sure what being web-based has to do with anything. :thinking:

Fair point. I was referring to the fact that with web based solutions, the truth is always in the cloud. You don’t typically have sync issues.