iPhone Not Syncing

I have a Bonjour connection between my Mac, iPhone and iPad. Things were working well until yesterday. For some reason, my iPhone will not sync, although the iPad syncs fine.

The iPhone shows the symbol indicating that items have changed and need to be synced, but when the sync is forced, it just says “Preparing” and then stops.

Also, I am not sure if it is related, but I had put the Synchronize and Synchronize All buttons on my toolbar, and they are grayed out now.

I have restarted everything multiple times, repaired and rebuilt the only database I am syncing, and even upgraded to the latest iOS on both devices in between. Any ideas?

I really believe that my iPhone is trying to make me look bad :smiley:

So after restarting and trying different things dozens of times over the past day or so, I post on the forum and then try one more time with a restart. And it worked!

I have no idea why it didn’t all of the other times, but everything looks good now so please ignore this post.