iPhone sync with sync store problem

I currently have a Macbook Pro (El Capitan 10.11.6) running DTPO 2.9.7. It has defined a sync store on Dropbox.

I also use an iPad Pro (9") and have DTTG 2.0.5 and correctly syncing with the sync store.

Just got a new iPhone 7+ and installed DTTG 2.0.5. In settings I went through the “Manage” process (restored purchases, now says “purchased”). This is just like on the iPad. Defined the sync with the same location as on the iPad. (Same Acount, same key.) I then get to the account window that lists the databases (all defined as “Remote” except Global Inbox which is “Local”.

Here’s where the problem occurs - On the iPhone, the slide switches for the databases are grayed out, and I can’t choose which databases to sync. I do have the switches working on the iPad.

I have gone back to be sure the in-app purchase still indicates it’s purchased. I figure that since the databases are listed, then the iPhone found the sync store. I must be missing one final piece of the puzzle. As I said, the iPad works correctly, same settings, and the slide switches for choosing the databases work. I’ve rebooted the iPhone but that hasn’t helped.

Any input from DT or the community would be welcomed. Thanks.

… and all the other settings on the iPhone are the same as those on the iPad.

Could you start a new Support Ticket by selecting DTTG2’s Help > Contact Us? Thanks

I sent in an email for a support ticket. Then I decided to delete DTTG and reinstalled it (impatience). Now the slide switches work and the databases are invoked (on demand). So, BLUEFROG, please remove my ticket. All is well. And thanks for your help.

Will do. Thanks for the follow-up. :smiley: