IPTC and EXIF data


I was wondering if the DEVONthink 2 family is able to read and write IPTC and EXIF data? If not, does anyone know if someone has written an AppleScript to do it?



Yes, I would like to know (and be able to have DT2) to do the same. I have a manuscript catalogue, and I am currently trying to tag the manuscript folios in Expression Media 2, formerly iView Media Pro (at least, until DT is able to do this natively). However, when I look at “Additional Information” in the Info Pane of the DT sync’ed file, it doesn’t show any of the file’s metadata; only SUBJECT and DESCRIPTION…and even these, it doesn’t seem to truly be updating from the metadata written into the file itself my Expression Media (I know it is being written, because I can see it in Path Finder’s IPTC information, in its Info Pane).

My main purpose is not for DT2 to act in the place of Aperture, Expression Media, or others; but, rather, that it allow me to SEARCH for images (and hopefully other files) and then ORGANIZE them (smart groups) according to metadata that (a) already exists as “part of” the file, or (b) that can be added through a metadata pane (which I understand might be coming in the future).

Are there plans to (1) show this metadata, and (b) allow us to manipulate it in DT2? And, like the OP asked, if not, are there AppleScripts to do so?

hey DT-people,

the tagging option is really a big advance in the dimension of using meta-data for additional “intelligence”-structure and versatility within DTpro; especially as folder-tagging is part of that!

I would, though, like to refresh this question for the integration of IPTC and other file meta-data. as we know before there were tags there were different, – still established – hard and soft (user manipulable) meta-data systems for images (IPTC, XMP, GPS), but also for audio and video (ike the QT metadata).

a lot(!) of structural information is in there and it would be a big step forward if these were transparent (or even manipulable) in DTpro. so I am very happy that DTpro and OpenMeta work together; but even more than these very specialized, particular metadata systems the standardized an established systems deserve some attention within DTpro.

DEVONthink 2 stores/indexes IPTC/EXIF partially, the information can be found e.g in the Info panel, in optional columns (see View > Columns > …), the detailed icon view or in the last column of column views. But this informations is static.

– thanks Christian!

yes I have found that! … but still would like to support this as a request. :slight_smile:

in a better world it would just be nice, as I review the possibilities of doing my image management more and more with DT (which would make so much sense), if I could also edit these (and possibly use all of them).
same goes for movies and other mediadata.

– so I would keep on wishing :slight_smile:

and also stick to the point that it would look nice for DT if it would embrace the metadata-concept as an integral part of its sorting/retrieving/manipulating-philosophy in a wholehearted manner.
because its already so strong at it… and it makes sense.

thanks for looking at it.

I have been struggling with this topic as well and would like to add my voice to the support of better metadata support in DT, both in viewing more complete data as well as better Search support for specific fields. (Ideally this would also include metadata modification, but I am sure this is a more complicated topic.)

My temporary work around for at least viewing image metadata has been to use Aperture to create several local websites in a specific folders which is then indexed and synchronized in DTP. I then have replicated the index.html files as needed. Additionally, you can create smart groups and if you include ALL of the following you will only get the individual image webpages and not the additional files the Aperture creates, but you can see the metadata that you selected to be included in the website when it was exported from Aperture.

Content: like the name “michael”
Name: Large (this is the large version of the picture, not the thumbnail)
Kind is html page

It’s not exactly pretty and it’s a little labor intense, but it has been a way to bring together the image information as well as the document info the I am working on in DTP.

There are shortcoming as you can not export very well and I would like to annotate with the new template, but this messes up the URL’s created by the webpage.

So, please DTP include better metadata support in the future… Thank for the great program.