Is it necessary to change Readability reformatter in clipper

Hi, I see Readability has stopped service but Clipper is still using that as reformatter(1.2.6). Would it be necessary to change one?

The clipper has used Instapaper since the demise of Readability. You might want to update DEVONthink to the current version and reinstall the clipper add-on to your browser(s).

Thanks Korm! Before the post I’ve already tried to remove the addon and install it again on download page but it shows same result.

I have no problem to show Instapaper option same as yours on PDF and html etc, but just Markdown still using Readability. Could you check that option? Thanks!

Well, you’re right. I’d not noticed that. :confused:

Despite the “readability” label, the markdown conversion seems accurate-ish :laughing:

You are right too Korm. Actually I saw Markdown parsing works most of the time. Probably just label wrong.

Just I met 1 or 2 failures yesterday and thought to blame Readability option. :smiley:

One failed action is about this nice article, clipping by Markdown took long time and finally fall back to bookmark. But Markdown works well for another article in same site.

I tried another markdown tools and found the parsed text have some invalid html inside, which could be about the table there in the article.

I guess Clipper’s Markdown still works there but just fallback to bookmark on failure. Personally I would prefer clipper still give me part of markdown even on failure instead of creating a bookmark, but would be fine if that’s a well decided behavior in Devonthink.

That’s correct. This way you get something useful, instead of something potentially broken.

The used Markdown clipping service ( uses its own Readability implementation.

Maybe for the avoidance of confusion, the clipper should say “Reformat with HeckYesMarkdown”

Loosely related:

The new Mercury service from Postlight (and Paul Ford) looks worth investigating as an alternative to Instapaper, etc…

The downside is that the user of the API has to have a “free for now” account with Mercury. Unless there is a backend institutional arrangement that DEVONtech could make on behalf of the user base, that account-only restriction might be a difficulty.