Is it ok to create all my databases on my external ssd?

Hi there!

I recently bought a 500 GB external SSD that is always plugged to my Mac. I want to create my Databases there, and I wanted to know if it would be a good idea. Furthermore, I prefer to store everything there instead of my internal hard drive. At some point, I might change it for an NVMe enclosure, though.

Moreover, that way instead of indexing I could import everything.

Thanks for your advice!

An external drive works for me

You also need your data backed up; I use Arq Premium
with copies to an external drive (local) and cloud (offsite)

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Hey, thanks for the advice! That service looks great and you lose the fear of losing your stuff. Also, I think that if I ever manage to get my NVMe enclosure, I would only need to download it from there.

Really useful, thanks!