Is it possible to convert an RTF or HTML to PDF and delete the original RTF?

I could not find the answer by search.
thanks in advance for your time and help

In one step you mean?

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yes, in one step if possible. I could always convert to PDF → select RTF → delete the RTF

  • I would like to do this while in the reading list.
  • for multiple selected items in the reading list
    The reason is that RTFs cannot be annotated by highlighting in DTTG, so I have to convert RTF item(s) in the reading list to PDF in DevonThink on my Mac before annotating (yellow highlight) on my ipad in DTTG.

From Menu; Help, search for “convert” and DEVONthink will show you some built-in options. Try, and experiment what works with your specific files.


OK. I will try. thanks very much

The reason is that RTFs cannot be annotated by highlighting in DTTG

Stay tuned for things yet to come :grinning:

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how soon ? Just because I am working on so many workarounds. thanks

Ah, ah, ah. You know I can’t comment on timeframes :wink: Rest assured something new and improved is coming. I am just not at liberty to say when.

Just because I am working on so many workarounds.

Perhaps the issue isn’t the deficiency in DEVONthink To Go but a problem in your process(es).
(No offense intended.)


a related topic.

I realize that I have been playing around with file conversion for quite a while, trying to find the optimal format for different uses.

To clean up the resulting files, I am trying in vain to create a smart group containing all files which have the same name but different kinds.

Example of a smart group

  • test 1.rtf
  • test 1.html
  • test 1. pdf
  • test 2- rtf
  • test
  • test 3. rtf
  • test 3. email

If the names were all the same (eg : test 1) it would be easy. As you can see all names are different. They have in common that each one exists in multiple formats (kinds).

thanks very much

I was hoping that, back from a 3 hour lunch and bottle of wine, all on your DevonThink expenses tab, you would be in a fog, have had a momentary lapse and give me a date.

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I’m sure that you are right, and I’m certainly not offended. Never would be coming from you.

Do I understand correctly that the following are duplicates if the html and pdf version are simply conversions of the rtf file? Do they remain “duplicates” if I annotate the PDF with native DevonThink annotations tools ? thank you

  • test 1.rtf
  • test 1.html
  • test 1. pdf

To me, if we can believe the file extensions define the format of the file, these are three completely different files and cannot be duplicates. Are you saying that DEVONthink shows these three as duplicates?

I lost the reference. please give me time to find it.

It is after reading this text written by @BLUEFROG in the help that I asked the question.

But when I did a test with test.rtf pdf txt, they do not appear in my duplicates smartgroup

I asked my question

  • to make sure that I understand correctly
  • to ask if annotated vs non annotated are considered duplicates. Annotations are just highlights with the native DevonThink tools.

thank you for your interest.

DEVONtechnologies | How to Find and Remove Duplicates.

How to Find and Remove Duplicates

August 11, 2020 — Jim Neumann

Duplicate files are not uncommon on our computers. Sometimes we’ve copied a file somewhere, then forgot about the copy. Or maybe we’ve re-imported files we don’t remember importing previously. Along with the large capacity hard drives so common today, it’s easy to end up with extra copies of files.

DEVONthink does have the ability to detect duplicates, but note it is not a duplicate detection utility. Also, the duplicates it finds in its databases aren’t necessarily exact copies of a file. For example if you convert a rich text document to a plain text one, the contents will be the same in both and they will be shown as duplicates. You can force DEVONthink to consider the file type and size when detecting duplicates by enabling Stricter recognition of duplicates in Preferences > General. However, when it comes to avoiding duplicates when importing large numbers of files into DEVONthink, the ideal way is to deal with them before importing or indexing into DEVONthink.

new one on me. dunno. from a very long time ago.

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This was indeed the case and still is (or at least, can be) !

See this…

They are contextually clearly related since the text is the same.

However, if you want to avoid contextual duplicates, there is the Preferences > General >< General > Stricter recognition of duplicates. As noted in the Help > Documentation > Preferences > General > General, DEVONthink also takes file size and file type into account when this option is enabled.

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thank you very much. My problem is that I want contextual duplicates, but when I create them, they do not appear in the duplicates smart group.

Did you disable the stricter recognition?

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I did some testing, found a bug for which I created a new post