Is it possible to have the first line of a RTF document be the title?

is it possible to have the first line of a RTF document be the title? I have document each day [DRE daily record of events] and add notes throughout the day. in apple notes and some other apps, the first line can be set as the title so if I add word to the first line it then shows up in the document name. this is useful as I skim the docs in devonthink and can see items listed in the title that I thought were important.


Rich text tagged as daily document just to distinguish it from others.
Play sound is optional as an auditory cue.



how does Change Name to proposed name find first line and make it the doc title? when I set up smart rule like your illustration, it renames the doc to Proposed Name, not the first line of text in the rtf doc.

You didn’t use the placeholder then. See the blue in my screen capture indicating it’s a token, not something typed. Control-click > Insert Placeholder >….

Succes. domo arigato gozaimasita!

You’re welcome.

Hollymolly! (Not even have to do “set name as” in context menu!!!) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


And just to make it clear…

Some document types can have a title separate from the filename. So it pulls from that if available, or the first line of text, which is why it works in this specific instance so easily.

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