Is it possible to import doc's to specific inbox instead of global indox

Hello, I’m testing some things in DTTG in combination with scanner pro (app on iPhone to scan doc’s and share them to devonthink). Scanner pro works great in conjunction with devonthink to go but now all scanned docs are directly feeded from scanner pro to the global inbox on my iPhone. However I have two different databases and so I have 2 different inboxes aside from the global inbox. If possible, I would like DTTG to use the local inbox from one of those database instead of the global inbox… Is this possible, if so… how to set up ?

Not possible within DEVONthink to Go, but you could choose instead to save the scan directly to and navigate to the database inbox where you do want to save it. If you do this often, then saving the database inbox as a Favorite in will speed the process.

How are you getting the PDF from Scanner Pro to DTTG? When I share a PDF to DTTG, I get to pick where it lands, but maybe I’ve misunderstood your question.

thanks for the advice… I’ll try your tip

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When I share a pdf from scanner pro… I can select DTTG out of many apps. When I do, the file is shared directly to the global inbox without giving me an option to choose which inbox or folder

Oh, thanks for clarifying. I misunderstood.

There are two share sheets. DEVONthink will allow choosing an inbox inside a database while Copy to DEVONthink will always drop it into the Global Inbox.

You could also use the Files app if you have the DEVONthink To Go provider turned on to put it anywhere.

aha! I never have been able to figure out why sometimes it is “copy to” and sometimes not. But this helps get my head around it.

My experience has been that the share sheet in Scanner Pro always imports to the global inbox. It doesn’t matter if DEVONthink or copy to DEVONthink is selected.

Here’s a screenshot within ScannerPro after choosing DEVONthink (not Copy to DT). I wonder what we are doing differently to get different results?

Interesting, as it doesn’t work that way here. Both options import the scan directly to the Global Inbox. I’ve tried playing with it, to see if there is something I need to do differently, but the behavior is the same.