Is it possible to install the Google plug-in directly?

As a research app, DEVONagent itself is still a browser. Is it possible to install Google plug-ins directly based on browser improvements?

I don’t understand the working and principle of this aspect too much, please forgive and point out any mistakes or misses!

DEVONagent includes already several plug-ins for Google, additional ones can be installed via the support assistant. Which “browser improvements” are you talking about?

I don’t know how to explain. For example, I want to install the following 2 plug-ins, how to install and follow-up management.

Of course, the above extensions can be installed directly through the Google Store. I just want to clarify what I mean. If I can download it from the official website, how can I install it locally and offline?

These are browser extensions, they’re not supported by DEVONagent.

Maybe this is what I mean to clarify, support browser-based extensions, this improvement seems to need to replace the kernel?

There are no such plans currently as the used WebKit framework doesn’t support this but maybe some day.


By the way, report a problem. DA seems to be unable to read Safari’s bookmarks. The system and version are both the latest version.

Did you enable full disk access for DEVONagent Pro in the system preferences?

I did not check this, nor did the App request it. I will check it later, but it is normal to read the bookmarks of Google Chrome!