Is it possible to link to files within DTPro?

I would like to reference a document within DTPro from within DayLite (CRM Software). DayLite can see external files but since DTPro Documents are buried in the database I can’t see how to create a path to them.
At one time when the file structure was different I believe the user could drag a DTPro document onto DayLites reference panel and create a reference but that doesn’t seem to work in the current architecture.
Any suggestions on how this could be done?

This is not yet possible but v2 will be file-based (no more contents “buried” in the database) and then this should be possible.

That’s good news. Then I can use Kinkless GTD in OmniOutliner for organizing todos, and link to files in DT for background and reference material.

Will it also be possible to link to a group?

Probably as groups will have related folders.

That’s very good news!