Is it possible to move a database?

My basic question is “How do I go about changing the location of a database and possibly changing its name”?
What I thought of doing was opening the db in its current location, changing the location property, closing the database, moving the db, then attempting to reopen in the new location. However, intuitively that seems like an action destined to cause problems.

I searched in HELP and most of the results seemed to revolve around templates etc.
Also is there a section in the HELP documentation on using multiple databases? I can’t see a main topic on the subject and searching seems to yield most results on material on templates etc.

If someone could point me to the location of the documentation on these subjects I’d appreciate it.


Close the database, move it where you want it, rename it if desired, and re-open it either by double-clicking it like any other document or by using DEVONthink’s File>Open Database… command. Note that changing the name of the database file in the Finder does not change the name of the database in DEVONthink. If you want the name changed in DEVONthink, use the File>Database Properties… command. The names do not need to match, so use whatever works best for you.


The latest versions support also renaming/moving of opened databases.