Is it possible to read /print tutorials as one complete document?

I could not find the answer neither in the forum nor in the help.

I very much enjoy DevonThink tutorials, but find it tedious to have to navigate 20 windows to have to read it (see step 6 below), and dislike having to sit at my computer to do so instead of sitting outside on a bench.

Is there anywhere I can download complete tutorials to quietly read on my own ?

thanks in advance for your time and help

Take a look at the outstanding “DEVONthink Manual” and the ebook compliments of DEVONtechnologies “Take Control of DEVONthink” both available from the DEVONtechnologies website.


thanks very much for a lightning speed reply.

Why not use CustomShortcuts and make a personalized hotkey for Tutorials?


I am comfortable with Keyboard Maestro, and could do it that way.
But I don’t understand your suggestion. I want to be able to read the complete tutorial as one document for example printed on paper and want to avoid navigating scrolling through 20 windows to do so (step 6 in my ScreenShot)

@rmschne @BLUEFROG
I’m sorry : I can’t find a the full document view of a tutorial for example Understanding the UI (or interface) neither in the manual nor in the take control book.

No, the tutorials aren’t available in long-form.

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thank you. I would be grateful if you could add it to the wish list. Have a nice weekend.


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