Is It Possible to Search for File Extensions?

I’m trying to find a way to locate all files with the extension .dng in groups and even in different databases. Is there a way? The search field does not appear to support this.

Yes, the saerch field supports this.

In the toolbar search field, type extension==… and supply the desired extension.
Or in the Advanced criteria editor, use Extension is… and choose the extension from the dropdown list. Note the list only reports file fornats that have been imported at least once into DEVONthink.

See the Windows > Main Window > Search Pane and Appendix > Search Prefixes sections of the built-in Help and manual for more information on database searching.

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This is helpful. But I haven’t found the Advanced search function yet. The manual says “To the right of the search scopes, you will see two buttons.”

There is nothing in any of the menus called “Advanced.”

What is the “search scopes”? The two buttons to the right of the search bar are for messages and info…

The search scope is “Alle Datenbanken” (all databases) or “Eingang” (Inbox), the buttons are to … well, the right of it: “Erweitert” (Advanced) and “Sichern” (Save).


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I found it. OK, looks powerful. But kind of hidden. Only visible after I search for something. (I know the Mac Finder does this but it’s not intuitive.

Seems odd that there’s no indication in the Edit > Find menu that an advanced search is available.

Anyway, thanks for the help.

Heresy. How can anything Apple does be not intuitive?

Sarcasm aside, I suggest that you read that manual. It’s very helpful, if only to have you see all the different search terms. Then it might be faster to type “Cmd-F extension: jpg” than clicking through a dialog (and yes, the search is as un-intuitive as in the finder, but at least all the terms are readily accessible in DT)


I just had the same thought! This is an app that requires a full reading of the manual. I’m, not used to having to do that but I’ve never used software like Devonthink before. I’ve never grokked it before but now that I finally have a need to track a lot of documents I can see appreciate it.

Thanks again

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