Is it possible to sync a partial database?


I sync locally between my MBP, my iPhone, and iPad. I don’t want to sync all databases to all devices. There are some files, I’d like on my phone but not iPad and vice versa.

I have been adding a “Mobile” Database and moving those items I want with me while away from my mac.

Example: I have a “Work” database and one of the groups is one that I use for my consulting work. But there are other groups (Legal, Tax Info, etc) that I do not need all the time.

So I aded a Work-Mobile db and moved those groups that I want to keep with me.

I don’t like to have my data spread out like this as it I’ll eventually mess it up;-)

Anyone have a process or thoughts?

Thanks in Advance,


Sorry but no, you can’t Sync a partial database. The method you’re using - a secondary database for Sync is definitely an option.

Thanks for the quick reply. Not the news I wanted but it was expected :wink:

Thanks Again,


No problem.