Is it possible to update a sheet record in DTTG with Shortcuts?

Is it possible to update a sheet in DTTG3 with Shortcuts?

Not at this time. I filed a bug on this as it logically should be possible since it’s plain text under-the-hood.

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Thanks! :+1:

That’s what I deduced from the manual as well. But of course things that appear possible might in fact be impossible due to whatever reason :smiley:

Thinking it through, I think I’ll work around with a text file where a sheet isn’t strictly required…

You’re welcome.
It’s a good question and a good find. :slight_smile:

DTTG supports markdown tables and there are shortcuts that can append to a markdown file. Might that work?

That’s certainly a good idea. I think it can somewhat mimic what sheets do.

Using shortcuts to add to a sheet would be easier of course, but this is a nice workaround while we await if development can implement the request in Shortcut somehow.