List of feature requests for iOS (and future macOS) Shortcut actions

Now that Apple has announced the incorporation of Shortcuts in macOS, I wouldn’t be surprised the popularity of Shortcuts will grow in the coming years. If you’re interested in the background of their development choices, episode 592 of this podcast features one of Apple’s employees who further explains Shortcuts for macOS at approximately 39 minutes into the show. (And don’t worry: Applescript will still be supported in macOS as is explained at 49 minutes).

Luckily for the DTTG users, version 3 brought Shortcuts integration. The actions provided are already great and can save you considerable time, but of course in time you’ll find yourself in a situation where the existing shortcuts or their options don’t fit your need. I’ve therefore previously gathered some suggestions made by me and others and summarized them for @eboehnisch and @aedwards.

My question to all other users would be to extend this list, so we can create a ‘living’ document that can serve as a source of inspiration for future development.

Of course it’s up to the DT staff to prioritize and decide whether or not a feature can and will be added. And I imagine some request undoubtedly will require much more development time and effort than others for example. (And DTTG development is not only about Shortcuts integration of course :grinning:)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

DTTG suggestions (in random order):

1 Update sheet records:
Is it possible to update a sheet record in DTTG with Shortcuts?

2 Disable confirmation dialog
Confirmation dialog using DTTG Shortcuts actions

3 Tag using Shortcuts
Tagging in Shortcuts

4 Disable default ‘Show while running’
Request: can the “Show while running” button be set to disabled by default in DTTG Shortcuts actions?

5 Add the UUID when sharing to Shortcuts
No UUID passed on to Shortcuts?

6 Add ‘convert to searchable PDF’ (OCR) as shortcut action
iOS: PDF Photos in DTTG instead of JPG

7 Create or update records of rich text documents
create or update records of rich text documents

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Thanks for your suggestions.

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I almost forgot why I started this thread, but here’s another suggestion:

Add ‘convert to searchable PDF’ (OCR) as shortcut action

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create or update records of rich text documents