Is it possible to use DT3 search functions to extend to searching files in outlook mailbox in Mac?

I can’t seem to find mails very well and i would like to see your guidance or to signpost me to a protocol to do so. I have searched for integration and it seems it is not possible.

It would certainly help if you’d explain your task in a bit more detail. Currently, I read it as “how can I look for my e-mail in Outlook from DT?”, and that is probably not possible at all.

If you import your e-mails into DT (but I don’t know if and how that’s possible), you could of course search in them.

As @chrillek noted, your request is unclear.

Also, if you’re running the Standard edition of DEVONthink, you could drag and drop emails to it but their content is not indexed.

Dear @BLUEFROG and @chrillek thank you for your feedback. I do apologise if the writeup was unclear. My bad. I am using outlook on my mac and I store my emails in nested folders. Searching surprisingly is a tough endeavour for those files that have been stored in the folder.

I was wondering (it is a long shot) that the mailbox can somehow be integrated or synchronised with DT3. I got the pro version and I do hope (it is a hope) that i could retrieve emails with ease.

Thank you for your time in reading this and please pardon my ignorance.

I would use HoudahSpot for searching email. Actually, I use it for searching for all sorts of stuff. Very capable, and easy to use.

Hi there, thank you for your message - does houdah search function behave like alfred? or must it be an add on to outlook? How does it differ from the search ability in Devon Think 3?

HoudahSpot exploits, and extends, the functionality of SpotLight. It has many more features than Alfred’s search. It is possible to build quite complex searches, and save them as templates. Complete documentation is available online, in both German and English: I don’t use Outlook, so I know nothing about it.

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No worries at all.

You can’t integrate Outlook in the way you’re hoping. You could archive emails into DEVONthink Pro or Server and they’d be searchable there. However, there is no conduit between the applications, i.e., the repositories of emails are separate and unrelated.

Also note, if you’re using the New Outlook, Microsoft broke inter-application communication with it. You’d need to use the legacy interface (which I think is much better anyways :stuck_out_tongue: ) in order to effectively archive emails into DEVONthink.