Is it possible to vertical scroll a PDF with an active highlighter?

If I am reading PDF and making annotations with a highlighter, the only way I found to vertical scroll is to turn the highlighter off → scroll → resume annotating with highlighter, Is there a way to vertical scroll with an annotation tool (highlighter or other) active ?
thank you

Does scrolling up and down with two fingers work for you?

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thank you for your post

DTTG latest version
iPad Pro, iOS 14.8

If I have the highlighter active (hard press on highlighter icon)

  • when I scroll up and down with 2 fingers, large sections of text become highlighted at the same time. I tried restart ipad, quit → restart DevonThink.

  • when the highlighter is active, sometimes text is highlighted automatically when I select it and sometimes a contextual menu appears. I have not found a way to make one or the other a default (could not find it in DTTG settings)

thanks again

OK, I see what you mean. This is something that the PDF engine we’re using does all by itself. Noted as a feature request/bug report.

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thank you