Is Office Pro Overkill?

I’ve been using DT Personal 1.7, but haven’t really gotten into it. I want to use DT to keep my receipts, among other things. My bills come in as PDFs, but I get a lot of email receipts. Which seems to indicate getting Office Pro. But it is so much more expensive!

If you use DT for mostly personal stuff, which version do you suggest?


Maybe you’d could mention why you haven’t “really gotten into it” (DTPers 1.7) so we don’t have to guess? :slight_smile:

Have you checked the DEVONthink/DEVONnote Feature Comparison page? The “Pro Office Only Features” section in particular; e.g. if you won’t be scanning then that could influence your product choice.

I don’t know if its overkill, but since I got DTPO and the ScanSnap, I’ve been amazingly paperless… I scan everything that comes into my office into this now and have emptied a huge 5 drawer lateral file. I don’t think I’d be using it nearly as much without the Pro Office version and the scanner. I am envisioning this eventually taking over storing everything on my system over time.