Is searching content gone in DTTG 1.4.3 ?

I don’t use the search function too often in DTTG (whereas in DTPO it’s pretty much one of the killer features). So it took me a while to notice that sometime over the past month or so, we seem to have lost the ability to choose between searching the “name” or “contents”. The option is no longer present, and I searched for some words that I suspected are not in the name of any of my files, but in the content of some; no search result came up. Choosing a search phrase that existed in a filename immediately returned a result. Hence I empirically seem to have determined that searching content in DTTG is gone? Can this be confirmed? Or have I simply missed some preference setting that flipped its bit when I upgraded to 1.4.2. or 1.4.3 ?

I notice that in the DTTG preferences, I can still set “index size per item”. Why would indexing be useful if content can’t be searched?

In the past, searches within content seemed to sometimes freeze DTTG, always felt it was a little unstable. But overall it was quite useful.

I just checked version 1.5 on iOS 8.1 and the option is clearly visible. Which device do you use and which version of iOS?

I am using what is unofficially called an iPad 4 (the one prior the the first iPad Air), and I run iOS 8.0.2. I have DTTG 1.4.3.

I attach a screenshot. Previously, in the line under the search box, there was a choice of “name” and “content”. Now I have an empty line.

I was planning to upgrade to iOS 8.1 pretty soon. I will let you know if that changes the situation. I’m in the middle of some important work, so I don’t want to reinstall DTTG, as my synced DBs are rather large. Also, I don’t want to fall into a trap with iOS forcing DTTG 1.5 on me before 1.5.1 comes out.

If this works out with 1.5.1 and iOS 8.1, no worries, I don’t need the feature desperately at this moment.

I upgraded from iOS 8.0.2 to 8.1, and I’m happy to report that in DTTG 1.4.3, the choice between “names” and “content and names” is back! Under 8.0.2 (and probably 8.0 and 8.0.1) this was suddenly missing.