Is the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 what is recommended for DEVONt

I think the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500: … xedcode=WW is the scanner that is ultimately recommended for use with DEVONthink. Would that be correct and if it is has anyone used it with DEVONthink Pro Office and how do they find it relative to say my Canon Flatbed scanner. It seems to have rave reviews on the Staples web site.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners that are Mac-compatible (using software supplied by Fujitsu) work very well with DEVONthink Pro Office. I’ve been using a ScanSnap since 2005, and just took delivery of the most recent model, the iX500, yesterday.

The S1500 and iX500 are sheet feed scanners, so are not appropriate for bound copy. They are very fast, can do duplex scanning (both sides of the copy at once) and produce very good scan images (which helps OCR accuracy).

Bill - I don’t see the ix500 here in any Canadian store. Would you say that the S1500 would be nearly as good. Also, there appears to be a Mac version of the Scansnap at Staples but its about $150 more and I’m not sure what the difference would be as they both say they support the Mac.

Yes, the S1500 is a very solid scanner. The iX500 looks cosmetically different, performs much the same, and has added the feature of wireless scanning to iOS devices (which sounds sexy, but probably won’t be important to me).

Fujitsu scanners seem to last a long time. I’ve been using the first one made for Mac since 2005. Other than occasional snags if multiple sheets are placed in the sheet feeder, it still performs well. I’ve had two flatbed scanners from another manufacturer die over the same period, with far fewer scans made through them. (I probably won’t buy another flatbed scanner, as I’ve moved to using a digital camera for scans of book and journal pages.)

I ordered through Amazon. Don’t know whether that can be done from Canada.

Thanks Bill. Yes, amazon has 1 new from some third party company for $542. However, I found another Canadian company that is advertising the x500. They’re just not answering today.

Hi Bill - I found a spot that sells the ix500 Scansnap. I ordered it as they were on the Fujitsu site. They said it might arrive tomorrow but for sure for Tuesday. I’m actually quite excited about this as I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about the device. If anyone’s interested they can get it at the following site:

Thanks Bill - this is the news I was looking for. Please post any glitches during the setup and up grade. I have tried to get the initial setup to run a second time with no avail and reverted to the manual set up and still don’t know how to get scansnap manager to send the files to DTPO.

I think I will buy my ix500 from Costco - they are listed for $449. They are easily returned and one can extend the warranty.

Make certain that ScanSnap Manager’s option to “Use Quick Menu” is NOT checked. Older versions of ScanSnap Manager show that option when the application name is clicked in the menubar. The version installed by iX500’s installer shows that as a checkbox when Settings is selected.

My new iX500 ScanSnap is working like a champion, sending PDF scanner output to DEVONthink Pro Office for OCR.

I received my ix500 yesterday and it was a breeze to setup and I can send its output to a variety of sources (e.g. Evernote) but I always choose DEVONthink. Its super fast and works beautifully. Its exactly what I was looking for.