Is there a Export or View WebDAV Username and Password?


I am losing my mind. All of a sudden my WebDAV settings won’t work to access my sync store on my Synology. I don’t understand! The weirdest part? It works on my laptop. But I cannot get DEVONthink on my iMac to connect. It is madness.

Is there a way to export or see the settings on my laptop to verify that I do indeed have the right credentials? I know know know they are right, but they will not work on my iMac.

It is really aggravating that there is no “reveal” button to see the password in the Sync settings. Is there any way to verify this?


  1. Do a Spotlight search for Keychain and open the Keychain Access application.
  2. In the logins section on the left, look for a key named DEVONcloudy Encryption (name of service) like DEVONcloudy Encryption (Dropbox).
  3. Double-click it and check the Show password checkbox. You will be required to enter your Administrative password. (This is the password you use to log into your machine with.)
  4. Press Allow (or Always Allow, if desired) and the password will be shown.
  5. Take note of the password, then quit Keychain Access.

Thank you so much!! I am so glad to know how to do this. I am still not able to get my iMac to sync, but now I know I am not crazy and the password was right.

Can you connect from your Mac to the Synology otherwise, eg in finder? How?

You’re welcome.

What is reported in Window > Log?

Never happened to me (I have about 800 GB in two sync databases via WebDAV in my Synology), but have you tried to restart your Synology, or at least the WebDAV service? (I know it could be a pain in the a** if you have encrypted volumes or a complex configuration between Synology devices, but so and then it is worth to).

I still suggest to figure out if a connection between Mac and NAS via WebDav is possible at all.