Is there a limit on numbers of items in a group

I scanned 42 images as PDF files into a folder on my desktop. I then imported them into a group which I had set up in DT Pro. Only 41 were imported; the last one # 42 is listed on the log as “Failed”. Anyone have an idea why it did not import?

There’s no limit in the number of PDFs in a group or in the total database in DT Pro. There’s a limit of 10,000 images and PDFs in DT Personal.

Did you try opening the failed PDF in Preview or Acrobat?

Yes, I tried Preview, Acrobat and Photoshop Elements 3 and all refused to open it. Each gave an error message that was different from the others but did mention the dreaded C word - corruption. Could I have exceeded some limit in OS X?

Q.E.D. The problem was with that particular file. It was corrupt or incomplete. In other words, the scan failed on that document. Try scanning it again.

I just started DT Pro and tried importing it again and it works now. Same file, nothing different. It also works with Acrobat and PSE 3. Did not try Preview. I had several applications running before when I tried importing, maybe it had to do with insufficient memory.

Thanks for the help.