Is there a shortcut/key for saving to last used "move to" group?

Hi, is there a shortcut for that? (goal is to just press a key to move to last used destination). Alternatively, is there a way to applescript it?


None that I’m aware of.

Adding a record to a group changes the group’s modification date, so it could be possible.

Thanks Pete, so are you thinking something like finding the latest modification date?

No idea. This might get you started Jump to last used group - #4 by pete31

No need for any scripts to jump to the last used Move to group.
It’s Go > To Group ____ and Command-L.

tx Jim, what I am looking for is how to use a keystroke combination to “move again” to last used destination

Check under the data menu.

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Brilliant! many thanks!

I’ve read about this new command in the 3.8.6 release notes but didn’t really used it yet.

The release notes say:

Added a new command to the Go menu to quickly navigate to the last destination group of moved items. After moving items, the menu will appear as To Group and the name of the group. The default shortcut is ⌘L.

Testing it now I’m not sure whether it’s behaving as intended:

The menu changes after a new group was created, i.e. without moving any record.

@cgrunenberg Is this intended?

The recent destinations in both contextual menus and this menu change after various operations, e.g. moving, replicating, duplicating or creating.