Is There A Simple Automation To Put Document Created Date At First Part Of Title DD-MM-YYYY

Hi, I’m fairly new to Devonthink Pro and am looking for a way that could achieve the above, when I import a document it will automatically add the document creation date to the first part of the title.
Is this possible? I have done a search through the forum and see there are quite a few old posts on the subject that I have tried to follow but in the end they are too complicated.

Could someone point me in the direction of an easy to follow way of getting this to happen?

Many Thanks

Perhaps something like this:



The forum has a search function (looking glass icon in the top bar). This question (and similar ones) have been asked and answered very often already.

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Yes that looks like just what I am after, simple and easy to do. Just one question, how do I get the “Sortable Creation Date” to input? If I just type it in, it doesn’t let me save the rule. Is this something I have to enable in settings?

I have already used the search function and yes it came up with loads of results but I found it difficult to understand any of them, I’m new to Devonthink and found the posts I found hard to follow. That’s why I started a new thread, not ideal but I couldn’t understand what half the posts were doing with Apple Scripts etc.

Click just to the left of the word Name.


Choose Insert Placeholder

Choose Creation Date

Choose Desired Date Format


Great, thanks for your help. Wish the other posts made it as easy as that :smiley:

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