Is there a single meaningful reason why we still can‘t sort within smart groups and search results?

I just activated the smart group „all inboxes“ and tried to sort all the entries by date of creation to have an overview - can‘t do that.

I just did a search „tags:receipt_open“ and tried to sort by date of creation to see the oldest ones - can‘t do that.

Sorry, so boring. Since years.

If I click on the column title in the smart group, the items get selected by date. What are you doing?

You can find the answer why we didn’t implement this yet in the pure length of all the other changes that we’ve already made @Airestocky. And what’s important for one is less important for others. For version 3.0.5 we concentrated on improving the performance.

please send a screen snapshot - thank you.
btw. we‘re in DT2Go section :slight_smile:

@eboehnisch thank you for your quick response - I fully disagree. Sorting of search results is a basic feature and nothing that is of „interest for others“ - but it‘s your decision, of course, how you want to priorize.

Search is such a powerful feature of DT, even on your iOS App, I cannot understand why I‘m not able to view my search results in a chronological order; for many years.