is there a template for creating outlines in DevonThink?

What the title says…

I have indexed my OmniOutline documents but was wondering if there is a ‘native’ solution. I have DT Pro Office if that makes a difference.


Have you thought of creating a RTF note with the outline? may not be what you want though.

Thanks, Allsop. Yes, I’ve done that with lots of OO files and it’s the perfect solution for 90% of my outlines, but I have a handful of outlines that get continuously updated (literature review documents where I add info on a regular basis) where I thought I’d see if there were alternatives to avoid the convert to RTF, save and reindex steps I do now every time I modify them. But the latter isn’t a big deal, just exploring options.

DEVONthink’s text editing uses the plain and rich text editors built into OS X (essentially, TextEdit in “Wrap to Window” mode). As in TextEdit, Lists are available – but that’s the closest approach to an outliner, and you may not find that satisfactory for your purposes.

Thanks, Bill, for the response. I think I’ll keep my current work flow for now.