Is there a trick for syncing "Favorites"?

Just discovered “Favorites” for DT. Is there a trick or setting to have favorites sync across devices? I’m using CloudKit and have added a few items to “Favorites” on my laptop but am not seeing the favorites show up after syncing on my iPad or iPhone. Thank you!

At this time, Favorites don’t sync between DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go.
This is being considered for a future release.

However, the Reading List - though not the Favorites - does sync between them.


Good to know, thank you. Glad I wasn’t causing a problem with it!

Not at all and you’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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+1 for this. Favorites are a quick way to access currently used groups when working with both DT editions.

+1 that would really help to quickly put together some documents for an appointment

I use Groups for gathering documents for an appointment/meeting, which sync fine.

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Hi, can I sync the favourites (~/Library/Application\ Support/DEVONthink\ 3/Favorites.plist) between my two Macs with a 3. part sync tool, or will this cause problems for DT?

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You can of course copy the plist. But that makes sense only if both Macs use exactly the same databases, i.e. they’re completely in sync. Otherwise, you might have a favorite database/group/document that doesn’t exist on the other Mac. And I have no idea how that would work out.

Thank you for your comment.

They are completely in sync. Or let me rephrase; I try to keep them completely in sync :slight_smile:

Then it might work. But you should make sure that DT is not running on any of the two machines when you sync the Plist to avoid race conditions.

Good point. I better find another solution as this would certainly cause problems for me.
Perhaps I could use a smart group and tag the files as a “favorite” :thinking:

Any news on adding favourites to sync?

No, there’s nothing to report.

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In case this is a NOT RECOMMENDED :tm: idea, FYI, I seem to have success syncing the following files between an iMac and Macbook.

~\library\application support\devonthink 3\SmartRules.plist
~\library\application support\devonthink 3\SmartGroups.plist
~\library\application support\devonthink 3\Favorites.plist

Using Chronosync as the bi-directional sync tool and Dropbox as the intermediary. The same databases exist on both machines, but the list of all open databases at any one time is not necessarily the same. I go through Dropbox as an intermediary sync location since the machines are not always in touch on the same network all the time. Each machine just syncs when Dropbox when change noted. There are of course other ways to sync. Just what I do.

But how do you deal with whether DEVONthink is open on each machine?

I don’t.

I learned that if DEVONthink “open” and running and I make a change to say the “favorites” list by renaming or adding something, then: DEVONthink saves the files, Chronosync detects the change, copies to Dropbox.

On the other machine, Chronosync notices the change in Dropbox and updates the file in DEVONthink. DEVONthink, even if open, accepts the update. Or if on the other machine it is not running, next time it’s running, it will look for a change and if changes noticed, then updates.

Just seems to work. And even if what it’s pointed to does not exist on that machine (unlikely), I’m tolerant and don’t care as I know it’s just temporary. I accept that other users might not be as tolerant of differences if this sort of feature built in.

I think it works. I don’t think it breaks anything, but may be naïve.

@cgrunenberg would have to weigh in on this, but it doesn’t sound safe to me. The file is changing outside DEVONthink’s control so it feels similar to someone modifying a database’s internals behind DEVONthink’s back.

That’s why I mentioned …

(as it’s not in the Database, I was brave.)


I’m actually very interested on Criss’ take on this.